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Friday, July 15, 2005

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5 weeks Posted by Picasa

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Monday, July 04, 2005

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an update just for Liam :)

besides little hughie tho, there is not much to say. my nephew, Hugh Parker Campbell, was born at 4:57am on June 3rd. and he was (and is) absolutely perfect. it's amazing how much i love him, from the moment he was put in my arms just 30 minutes old. i am going to have a very hard time leaving him in the fall, and likely even harder when i leave for a year in australia after christmas.

just lotsa baby stuff, and going to camp any chance i get. vic was up this past weekend which was so awesome, and some friends are coming up the end of this week. maybe a weekend in the 'loo, and then lexie's camp in august and there goes the summer!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I think the blog is dead.

at least until I go travelling or something

Friday, May 13, 2005

Have internet in North Bay now. Feeling slightly more connected. Have not posted as I haven't been doing too much. Cooking, cleaning, getting the nursery ready, going to the gym, and catering to any whim of my 9-month pregnant sister. Joel is still not home for another week, so we're hoping that little Hughie delays his entrance to the world. (but only for Joel's sake - Kendra is uncomfortable and ready to be done with being pregnant, and I am kinda bored and want my nephew here!!!)

Going to Waterloo for one night, and then to Brooks' for one night this weekend. Will be awesome to see people. ANd drink beer. I feel bad having any here since Kendra would kill for an MGD.

Gotta pack and get ready to go.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

will be off-line for a bit. don't have net set up at my sister yet

am starting the job hunt. slowly :)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

this is funny. altho in canada i think the football references should be changed to hockey

off to bed.

before midnight

can my body handle the shock of sleep?

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Oops! I forgot that I hadn't told daddy about my haircut. He knew I'd gone to shoulder length, but not even shorter again. Dad has a thing for long hair, like he has a thing for girls in jeans (specifically Levi red tabs, but that's flexible) and everyone wearing belts. All of my friends who have met my dad have been pre-warned about the belt rule. When KK and I were kids, we had to practically lift our shirts up before leaving the house so he could make sure we had belts on.

So my hair is just barely able to be pinned up and back, and when I took it out and daddy flipped out!

Anyway, we are doing family shopping today. Kendra is just huge. She is ready to go at any second, I am sure. Little Hughie is kicking up a storm - you can actually see his limbs pressed against her. It's amazing. I am SO excited to be an aunt. Auntie Lo :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

there are some boxes i rarely open and just keep moving from place to place. not so today. i am opening them all. and laughing my ass off. i have ticket stubs from movies mark and i went to in highschool. i found hannah and luke's wedding card that apparently i never gave them (3 yrs ago). exams and papers from first year. course notes from EVERY term. clothes that i haven't worn since highschool. insane.

so i am throwing stuff out. altho it's kinda wierd - i mean, some of the stuff obviously meant sooo much to me at some point. now i am just tossing it. should i still care about some of it??

it's done

time for beer

I don't know if I have ever wanted anything so badly as I want to be done now. Like, NOW- not in 5 or 6 hours. I am starting to fade quickly- I would love to crawl into bed and spend the day there. I would love for this to finish itself, and then start packing up my stuff. Haha. I am becoming crazy from no sleep I think.

I always seem to get to this point where I only have a day left and don't think it's humanly possible to get whatever done. And I am feeling that way now. I have an introduction written, but as I look through chapter 2 for referencing, I'm noticing shitty sentences and paragraphs and sections to change, and thus the entire process is taking WAYWAY longer then I thought. And referencing has barely begun. ANd no conclusion is written.

ANd I took a break tonight to bake cookies. I wouldn't have, since the boys aren't home to eat them, but I promised Ben I would teach him. As he gets further and further into engineering he's realizing he, also, wants to be the stay at home wife, and therefore needs some of the wife-y skills. So we baked. ANd I used a new recipe and they are fabulous.

But here I sit, with 15 hours til done-time, and am feeling overwhelmed.

On a happy note tho, the 55% -shitty -ass -piece -of -crap -he -should -fail -me paper actually didn't go as bad as I thought. I mean, he totally gave it to me b/c he felt sorry for me I think due to missed class/surgery and stuff, but whatever. I passed the class, and with a B- at that. How is it possible? I'm flipping b/w feeling guilty b/c I know I didn't deserve that mark, and scared that he will realize that and take it away. Hahaha. Oh, and I got 91% on my personnel selection final. Yay for an A in that class. Too bad those don't count towards my teeter-tottering average for graduating.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I've had at least one tea from timmies a day for the last 4 weeks, and have NOT won anything on roll up the rim. how is that possible? shitty

chapter 3 is done. like , done-done. yay. (well, besides references)

going to go to bed now for FIVE whole hours!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

those ch 3 edits i was finishing up 11 hours ago? ya. still working on them. i did take a break for lunch, and then to watch '24' but still. i totally underestimated the amount of time it would take me to convert the last few pages of the chapter from point form to paragraphs. bleh

the next 40 hours might be tight to actually get this done. there may be little sleep. i may get grouchy. i just wanna be done :(

just finishing up the edits for chapter 3 then starting on the introduction. then the conclusion. then fixing up all the referencing which i am too lazy to do properly while i write papers but always kick myself at the end, trying to understand what i've written and where i've gotten the info from.

yesterday jon (off-stream jon who lives in my room and sleeps in my bed) came to drop some of his stuff and we ended up hanging out and watching movies and stuff. we've hung out a few times this term and he is so fun and nice- it's too bad that he's off-stream- we'd have a blast here together i am sure.

watched grey's anatomy with chica last night. man i love that show.

went to timmies this morning to get a tea and campus is just empty. it's very strange. scheduled my last physio appt too, for tomorrow. i'm going to have to get a job that has good phsyio and massage coverage. my shoulder and back are just killing me. too many nights spent at my desk in a plastic chair i think. it's been hurting for weeks, way worse then normal. and i missed my appointment last thursday since i stayed at brooks' and his alarm clock was packed up. oops. first appt i've missed in 2 and a half years!

ok- back at'er.